Terms and conditions

Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) before using or accessing any product or functionality/features offered by Imtiaz Developments.

The Imtiaz Developments Terms of Service Agreement (“Agreement”) dictate the legal agreement between you; the person, organization, or individual persons acting on behalf of that person or organization (“you”, “your”, “User” or “Users”) and Imtiaz Developments (“Imtiaz Developments”, “We” or “Us”), governing Imtiaz Developments Applications (“App” or “Apps”), the Imtiaz Developments website, any other functionality/features offered in any form (Software, Hardware or Service), or rights of use offered, collectively referred to as (“Functionality/features”).

The User hereby accepts and agrees to all of the Terms of the Agreement for access to, or use of, Imtiaz Developments Functionality/features. If you do not agree to these Terms then you may not avail any of the Functionality/features offered by Imtiaz Developments.

By accessing or using the Functionality/features, downloading the App, or ordering any of the Functionality/features, you are accepting and agreeing to the Terms and are legally binding yourself or the entity you represent to this Agreement. The Terms apply to all users.


Imtiaz Developments is at liberty to change or make amendments to these Terms at any given time. Notification of the changes will be sent to you through email or a message when you next use the app. If you continue to avail of the app after changes to the Terms then your access and use of the app will be under the latest Agreement.

We are also at liberty to change, add or remove any features, functionalities, or offered facilities, and resources at any given time. You may be required to update, or install the latest version of the App or upgrade the hardware to avail any changes or additions.

These Terms in no way guarantee that the Functionality/features will always be available. Imtiaz Developments is also not bound by these Terms to provide support and maintenance for the Functionality/Features or to continue to offer them. We may altogether cease to provide all or some of the Functionality/Features at any given time.


“Imtiaz Developments Account” is an account created to access the Imtiaz Developments functionality/features.

“Intellectual Property” refers to any and all copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, trade dress, mask work right, rights of publicity, goodwill, moral rights, trade secret rights, and other rights regarding intellectual property that currently exist or exist in the future.

Imtiaz Developments Account

To access and avail of Imtiaz Developments functionality/features you will need to Login by the Credentials provided by the Admin. For that, you must have the necessary authority to accept these Terms to access and use the Functionality/features.

If you open a Imtiaz Developments Account for another entity (such as another person), then you guarantee that you are the authorized representative of that entity and you carry the authority to bind that entity to this Agreement on their behalf.

Account Payment

At Imtiaz Developments we believe in providing a seamless and accessible experience for all our users. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that our app is completely free of charge. You do not need to make any payment to access or utilize the features and functionality available within the app.

By login to your account, you gain access to a range of functionalities and personalized experiences tailored to enhance your interaction with Imtiaz Developments. We strive to ensure that our functionality/features remain accessible to as many users as possible, and offering them free is part of our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment

Payment Gateway

When making a Transaction through the Payment Gateway, You will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Payment Gateway provider. You agree to provide accurate and up-to-date payment information to the Payment Gateway provider. You agree to pay all Transactions in full and on time. You agree to not make any fraudulent or unauthorized Transactions.

Free Trial

We understand the importance of providing a transparent and user-friendly experience for our app users. As part of our commitment to offering valuable functionality/features, we would like to clarify our approach to the concept of “Free Trial.”

Please note that our app does not offer any paid subscription plans or require any form of account payment. As a result, there is no provision for a free trial within our app.

We believe in providing equal access to all features and functionalities of our app to all users, free of charge. Every user who downloads and installs our app can enjoy its full range of functionality/features without any limitations or time restrictions.

We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience, and we prioritize simplicity and fairness in our approach. By eliminating the need for a free trial, we ensure that all users have unrestricted access to our app’s features right from the start.

Termination of Account

At Imtiaz Developments we prioritize the security and reliability of our platform. We have implemented robust authentication processes to ensure that only authentic users with valid credentials can access our app. Therefore, account termination is not a feature we anticipate needing to utilize. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all users. However, in the unlikely event that an account needs to be terminated due to violations of our terms and conditions or applicable laws, we reserve the right to take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of our platform.

Account Liability

All activities that occur under a Imtiaz Developments Account will be the sole responsibility of the User and the User must immediately notify in case of unauthorized use or if there is an indication of any breach of security in their Imtiaz Developments Account. The User is also responsible for maintaining and securing the confidentiality of account information and password.

The User agrees to abide by the laws of the country (or countries) that their business resides regarding their activities using the Imtiaz Developments Account or the Functionality/features. The User agrees to refrain from activities that are or can be considered illegal, misleading, fraudulent, or questionable, or using content that may be considered inappropriate or defamatory, or using the Functionality/features in a manner that is harmful to Imtiaz Developments systems, security or other Users. The User agrees to not violate any third party’s rights, cause an infringement of any third party’s intellectual property, or misuse internal secrets of a third party, through their use of the Functionality/features.

The User also agrees to refrain from collecting information and data from our Functionality/features, systems, or servers, and the User agrees to refrain from attempts at capturing or deciphering any transmissions communicated to and from our servers. The User must not use information or data of another User to any third party for any reason or purpose (including commercial or marketing purposes) unless the other User has agreed to beforehand. The User is forbidden from using any automated methods or bots for logging into their Imtiaz Developments Account.

Cancellation of Account

You have the freedom to discontinue using our app at any time. There is no need to request an account closure or notify us of your intention to stop using our functionality/features. Simply uninstalling the app from your device will effectively close your account.


Imtiaz Developments does not guarantee that any of the Functionality/features will always be available or that the User will have uninterrupted, timely, and secure access to the Functionality/features. The Functionality/features may be upgraded, changed, interrupted, or discontinued at any time without prior notice.

Imtiaz Developments also does not guarantee that the Functionality/features will always be reliable and will be according to your expectations. Imtiaz Developments also does not guarantee that any error that may occur will be addressed and corrected.

Changing Your Subscription Type

Our app does not offer any subscription services or different subscription types. As a result, there are no subscription changes available to users. Our app is completely free to use, and there are no charges or fees associated with different subscription plans. You can enjoy all the features and functionality of our app without any limitations or restrictions. We believe in providing a seamless and hassle-free user experience, and our commitment to keeping our app subscription-free reflects that philosophy.

User Content and User Data

The User guarantees that they carry the authority to use the Content or grant permission for its use. The User assumes all responsibility for their content and the risks involving the validity, authenticity, quality, and reliability of the Content, or anyone’s opinion on its accuracy. For any content that makes the User personally identifiable, Imtiaz Developments will not take any liability. The User may not in any way imply or claim that Imtiaz Developments has in any way endorsed, supported, or sponsored the Content.

Imtiaz Developments is also not responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the Content and is not liable for any damages or loss that may occur to the Content and User Data. Imtiaz Developments has no responsibility to provide you with a replica or backup of your Content or Data. Imtiaz Developments also has the authority to monitor, remove, edit, or change any activity or Content and User Data, or use it for advertising purposes at their discretion without any prior notification.


Imtiaz Developments offers you security measures to prevent loss of data or unauthorized alteration or access to personal information. Imtiaz Developments, however, does not guarantee that a breach of security, that occurs through the breaking of such measures, will not take place.

Third-Party Suppliers

We may share your information with the following third parties:

Service providers: We may share your information with service providers who help us to operate our website, mobile app and services.

Business partners: We may share your information with business partners who offer products or services that we believe may be of interest to you.

Law enforcement: We may share your information with law enforcement if we are required to do so by law or if we believe it is necessary to protect our rights or the rights of others.

Intellectual Property

None of Imtiaz Developments’s Intellectual Property or registered trademarks may be used in any form. The User agrees to acknowledge Imtiaz Developments’s ownership of its Intellectual Property rights that exist in Imtiaz Developments Functionality/Features. The User agrees not to take action in any way that is inconsistent with, or challenges such ownership.

Imtiaz Developments lists under its Intellectual Property and registered trademarks, the following items: all Imtiaz Developments graphics including but not limited to logos, buttons, icons, designs, page headers, scripts, and functionality/features names, the Imtiaz Developments name, brand and title. Imtiaz Developments’s trademarks may not be used in any way or form, as part of domain names of any email addresses or websites. The User agrees to not publish or use Imtiaz Developments’s Intellectual Property, brand, and any such material, that falls under the ownership of Imtiaz Developments, unless a written agreement has been made with Imtiaz Developments beforehand.

The User data and information, collected through the User’s use of the Functionality/Features falls under the jurisdiction of a royalty-free license that the User agrees to grant Imtiaz Developments, for an unlimited period. This data includes User feedback and reviews regarding the Functionality/Features. Under this license, Imtiaz Developments may use the User Data and information and may modify, or incorporate your feedback or comments, for commercial purposes and other use. Imtiaz Developments agrees to keep the User anonymous and to use User Data collectively with that of other Imtiaz Developments Users.

Disclaimer of Warranty

All of the content, material, products (including hardware and software), and functionality/features offered by Imtiaz Developments are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and their use is at the sole risk of the user. Imtiaz Developments provides no warranty of any kind (even implied) on the operation of the functionality/features (both hardware and software) or the data, information, content, or any other form of material or products (including software and hardware) and functionality/features offered or made available to you. Imtiaz Developments disclaims all warranties (even implied) including but not limited to warranties of title, or any content, material, product (including software and hardware), service, or communication from Imtiaz Developments (their website, servers or applications) will be free of viruses or harmful items.

Imtiaz Developments is not liable for any damages or losses that may occur to profits, business, goodwill, data, or any other form of intangible or tangible loss, from the use of the functionality/features or any content, material, or information offered or provided to you by Imtiaz Developments through the Imtiaz Developments functionality/features.

Imtiaz Developments is also not liable for damages or losses that may result from failure in performance, errors, viruses, interruptions in service or communications, delays in transmissions, deletion of data or information, or defects. These may or may not be the result of environmental issues, unauthorized access, theft, or destruction of Imtiaz Developments documentation, data, and/or functionality/features and products, whether directly, indirectly, accidentally, purposefully, or done in any other form, for any other reason, even in the case of Imtiaz Developments stating the possibility of the occurrence of such cases.

User agrees to indemnify and hold Imtiaz Developments and all parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, executives, directors, and employees harmless from any claim, liability, charges, damages, losses, penalties, interest, tax assessments, or expenses that may arise due to any action, investigation or audit by a third party or person for reasons including but not limited to:

Any breach (even alleged) of this Agreement, the terms and policies defined in this Agreement, or documents incorporated by reference in this Agreement

Your violation of any law, rule, or regulation of your country

Your violation of a third party’s rights includes but is not limited to, the right to privacy, publicity, or Intellectual Property.

Your use of, or inability to use, Imtiaz Developments Functionality/Features

This disclaimer holds, to the full extent permitted by applicable law unless specified in writing.

Rights and Limitations

Imtiaz Developments may provide technical support and assure that the functionality of the Features is adequate by monitoring the devices, computers, and systems (collectively “Devices”) that may contain Imtiaz Developments software and applications or are connected to the Imtiaz Developments network, through the use of certain tools and utilities included in Imtiaz Developments software and applications, that allow Imtiaz Developments remote access to such Devices.

The user grants Imtiaz Developments the rights to use these tools and utilities and also allows Imtiaz Developments to log into these Devices and modify and manipulate the data to improve or maintain the functionality and Features.

The user grants Imtiaz Developments the rights to use these tools and utilities and also allows Imtiaz Developments to log into these Devices and modify and manipulate the data to improve or maintain the functionality/features.

The number of times the User page is accessed within 5 minutes

The number of times an API (Application Programming Interface) is called within 5 minutes

If Imtiaz Developments does not immediately enforce regulations or take action for any breach of the Terms, then that does not in any way mean that the Terms or rights have been waived, nor does it mean that you do not have to follow those policies and Terms. Imtiaz Developments is not at liberty to, but will endeavor to notify the Users of any limitations to their functionality/features, should the need arise.

Terms for Apple Store Downloads

The following Terms apply to those users who have obtained their Imtiaz Developments Application(s) from the Apple App Store.

The User must comply with the Terms of Service of the Apple App Store including Usage Rules.

This Agreement only dictates the Terms between You, the User, and Imtiaz Developments and does not reflect Apple’s Terms and Conditions in any way. Apple has no obligation to provide any maintenance or support to you about the App.

Imtiaz Developments is the sole entity responsible for the App, its maintenance, and its contents (subject to these Terms). If the App warranty (as per these Terms) is invoked due to any failure or issue in the App, then the User may notify Apple for a refund. Beyond this, as permitted by applicable law, Apple has no other warranty obligations

Apple has no liability for any claims over the App regarding compliance issues in legal or regulatory policies or infringement of any rights or intellectual property

Once the User accepts these Terms, Apple and its subsidiaries have a right to enforce these Terms against the User.


We are excited to announce that Imtiaz Developments does not charge any service fees. Our app is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, ensuring that all users can enjoy its features without any financial obligations. You can explore and utilize our app’s offerings without worrying about additional costs. We believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone to benefit from our app’s functionality/features.


While using our app, it’s important to note that the functionality/features provided are not subject to any specific taxes. Our app does not involve the provision of taxable goods or services, and therefore, no taxes, such as service taxes or sales taxes, apply to the use or transactions within our app.

Please be aware that any taxes or duties imposed by government authorities outside the scope of our app, such as income taxes or customs duties, are the sole responsibility of the users. Users are advised to comply with the tax regulations and requirements of their respective jurisdictions.

We strive to maintain transparency and clarity regarding the financial aspects of our app, and we do not include any hidden or undisclosed taxes within our functionality/features. We encourage users to review and understand their tax obligations and seek appropriate professional advice if necessary.

It is important to note that the tax-related information provided within our terms and conditions is general and may not cover all possible scenarios or jurisdictions. Users are responsible for complying with the tax laws and regulations specific to their location and circumstances.

By using our app, you agree that any taxes or duties, whether imposed directly or indirectly, are your sole responsibility, and you will not hold our app or its operators liable for any tax-related consequences arising from your use of our functionality/features.