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Once again, the United Arab Emirates tops the list of countries renowned for investing generously in infrastructure, logistics and quality of life. In a report compiled by the Word Economic Forum, the UAE ranked 5th globally for its high-quality roads, 9th for its efficient Port Services and claimed the 10th spot for reliable public transport. These global recognitions are due to the mega investments by the UAE government which has invested over Dhs 13 billion in the last decades on its roads alone. The physical landscape of the country has evolved because of these huge investments, which have boosted tourism and given real estate investors fresh opportunities.

Dubai – the undisputed hub for business and tourism – continues to undergo various developmental projects every few months, setting new benchmarks in real estate and urban planning.

For real estate investors, these developments offer substantial prospects, particularly in areas where leading developers like Imtiaz Developments have a presence. This blog will explore some of Dubai's upcoming and recently completed infrastructure projects, highlighting how they create lucrative investment opportunities.


Al Khail Road Improvement Project


One of the major arterial highways in Dubai, Al Khail Road, spans over 15 kilometres in length and is currently undergoing major improvements. This year’s most game-changing infrastructure project, the Al Khail Road Improvement Project, has been awarded a contract worth AED 700 million by RTA to enhance its traffic corridors by constructing five bridges. The expansion will counter peak-hour congestion and cut down travel time on the Al Khail Road by 30%.





Key Areas Benefitting:


  - Zabeel

  - Meydan

  - Al Quoz 1

  - Ghadeer Al Tair

  - Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)


A two-lane bridge is currently under construction in JVC that will accommodate 3,200 vehicles per hour. The surface road will also be upgraded to 900 meters. With these upgrades, traffic connectivity from JVC to Al Khail Road towards Diera will significantly improve.

This accessibility has contributed to the rising demand and appreciation of property values in JVC, which is good news for investors. Property investors consider JVC to be an appealing location because it ranks 3rd in the value of real estate rental transactions and 2nd among the top 25 areas in Dubai regarding to volume of transactions. Imtiaz Developments currently has six major projects under construction in JVC: their flagship projects, Westwood Grade I and II, Pearl House I, II, and III, and Luxor by Imtiaz. The improved infrastructure will enhance the living experience for residents in these developments, making JVC a more attractive place to live and invest.



Dubai Islands


Aligning with Dubai's 2040 vision, Dubai Islands is an ambitious project that redefines waterfront living. This construction, which is spread across five islands, will have opulent resorts, pristine beaches, and vibrant cultural hubs. The project's goal is to construct a futuristic living environment.  

Imtiaz Developments, with its focus on the prime luxury estate market, recently launched a resort-inspired residential complex, Beach Walk Residence, on the Dubai Islands. The project is scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2025, and four more launches are planned for this year. This presents an ideal window for investors to secure their stake in Dubai Islands before it reaches its peak value, mirroring the remarkable appreciation witnessed in other waterfront locations over the past five years. With a range of over eighty hotels, from luxury and wellness hubs to cultural centres and family-friendly resorts, branded developments, villa communities, and the construction of the region's largest shopping mall, all slated for completion within the next three years, Dubai Islands is poised for a significant transformation.